Aspects of drumming


This is the correct method of using the hands and feet. If a drummer has bad technique, they will not feel relaxed when they play. At some point they will reach a limit that they will not be able to overcome. Good technique from day one will ensure that the student has the potential to go all the way with fewer obstacles.


The ability to make the hands and feet independent from each other. Work on co-ordination will help the student translate their thoughts into their playing with more freedom.


The ability to listen to music and to know precisely what is happening. This can be improved with practice. It will help the student to figure out rhythms on their own, helping them to be independent and creative in band situations.

Live Performance

I will often play along with students in the lesson on bass, piano or guitar. Playing with other musicians can be intimidating at first. This makes good preparation for band situations.

Reading Music

This is a good form of communication and keeping a record of what needs to be played. We will study different styles, bands and drummers that have made drumming what it is today.

Creativity and Improvisation

This is what music is all about. Using the memory expands the vocabulary of the musician, allowing them to express their creativity via the form of improvisation.

Prices & Booking

  • Lessons for adults last one hour and cost £50.

  • Lessons for children aged between 8-15 years of age last 45 minutes and cost £40.

  • Lessons for children aged between 4-7 years of age last 30 minutes and cost £30.

  • Lessons are also available via zoom if prefered.

  • Cancellations require 24 hours notice prior to the lesson. Otherwise the lesson will be charged for without exception.

  • Gift vouchers also available (three drumming lessons minimum voucher purchase).

Please either email: or call Sass directly for any enquiries or bookings.

Tel: 0774 763 5805